Making common areas come to life with vibrant pops of color

Colored glass creates unique spaces to gather, collaborate, and learn

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Calgary, AB


Glass Wall Cladding



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Solid Color+


Founded in 2003, Absorb Software is one of the mainstays of the booming tech hub that is Calgary, Alberta. Providing eLearning software and support systems for businesses, Absorb is consistently ranked among one of Alberta’s top employers. The software provider prides itself on creating eLearning software that helps companies unleash their talent and help them flourish. 

Solid Color+ Absorb BacksplashIsland Calgary 4mp

The colored glass provides a sleek and elegant look to this modern design

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Goldray can color match glass paint to furniture, fabrics, corporate colors, or other elements used in designs

Color plays an important role in our lives. It can be a source of inspiration, provide a spark of creativity, and bring people together. When Absorb Software moved into its new headquarters in Calgary’s TELUS Sky mixed-used tower, they knew they wanted to create a workspace that was welcoming, inspiring, and a reflection of its employees and goals. Through its five levels of open-concept workspace in the LEED Platinum-certified building, colored glass was used to enhance the common areas of the new offices and to create a unique vibe in each area. Each kitchen is decked out with a different colored glass backsplash with matching furniture. The main reception area welcomes guests and staff alike with bright pink glass panels along the hallway and a life-size, glass Absorb logo in the company’s brand colors.

Glass In Action

Solid Color + glass provides inspiration and life to the workplace, creating unique spaces for employees to gather, collaborate and learn. This backpainted glass adds a pop of color to common areas and the main lobby, providing warmth and vibrancy to one of the city’s newest office towers.

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