Immersed in light and views of nature

Central Park photography printed on glass

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New York City, New York


Glass Wall Cladding,Glass Partitions and Doors



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The graphics featured in  New York City headquarters of GSC Group, an international investment manager of alternative assets, is a warm environment that immerses workers in the light and views of nature.

the importance of all the emotive things we associate with nature is making its way into glass art designs. 

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Photo was digitally manipulated to have a pixelated effect as per the artist's vision

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A calming and modern add to a room with graphics on glass

Designers have often used glass to combine art and functionality. By adding graphics to a glass partition or wall, interest and privacy is achieved.

Glass In Action

Cory Arcangel photographed Central Park on a spring day, and then digitally manipulated the images to create a pixilated texture. These images were then enlarged and installed behind an inner glass wall, illuminated from behind by diffused light. Custom wood workstations were designed for flexibility and can be quickly reconfigured to meet the office needs.

Collaborators include: Duggal Visual Solutions output Cory’s mural on DuraClear (a high-end transparent photographic film used for backlit applications). Goldray Industries, in coordination with Duggal, fabricated glass panels incorporating the DuraClear film as an interlayer. 

Our Team

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Striking look with backlit glass with printed graphic


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP


Duggal Visual Solutions

Sales Rep

Goldray Glass

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Elegance, sophistication and color captured on glass

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