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Marker Boards help ignite ideas to solve unique challenges

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University campuses are full of energy and inspiration, and are designed to combine research, curiosity, and collaboration under one roof. Sharing ideas and working through problems with others helps us learn and expand our minds to discover new ways of thinking and come up with bold ideas that will help shape a better future. But collaboration requires space. It’s difficult to think big on a small piece of paper, and Marker Boards are the perfect tool to encourage collaboration and to grow the big ideas found on university campuses around the globe.

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Magnetic Marker Boards with graphics; a great combination of function and style

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Marker Boards create a true space to think, work, and collaborate

Scientists have big ideas, and those big ideas need space to grow. The Department of Chemistry and the University of Alberta is using Marker Boards to create workspaces where professors and students can teach and learn, solve problems related to their field, and educate future professionals in the craft.

Glass In Action

Offering the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with the added durability and elegance of glass, Marker Boards are the perfect solution for classrooms, offices, or meeting spaces. Glass Marker Boards won’t ghost, stain, or streak, and can be used as projector screens and magnetic boards as well.

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