A vintage flair for modern dining

Warm copper touches add drama to elegant dining space

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San Francisco, CA


Service / Recreational

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Tinted Mirror


Conjuring vibes of the retro steakhouses that once laid claim to the Las Vegas Strip, Rare Society Steakhouse combines echoes of vintage upscale dining and modern flair to create a unique dining experience. White marble, tufted leather booths, and a gold-paneled ceiling invoke the lore of Rat Pack gatherings and raucous Sinatra dinner parties, while an outdoor bar and covered patio offer a lighter atmosphere for locals and beach-seeking tourists looking for a lively bar scene.

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Combined with recessed LED lighting, circular copper mirrors give the space a modern Vegas aesthetic. Whether you’re enjoying an Old Fashioned at the bar, or an intimate dinner in a cozy booth, the interplay between the lighting and reflections from the copper mirror create a warm and inviting space for customers from day to night.

Glass In Action

Copper mirror from our tinted collection can be customized to match or complement brand colors or existing color palettes in a space. Tinted mirrors can act as an accent or visual texture that creates interest and feel more stimulating. Copper mirrors can help create focal points and add drama to a space, complementing the ambiance of Rare Society’s elegant dining experience.

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