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Light and bright with beautiful obscurity.


Textured glass, often referred to in the design community as pattern glass, has ridges and a bumpiness to the touch. This is a result of the process and molds used to create the glass. The degree of transparency depends on the spacing between the ridges formed in the glass. Tighter spaces between ridges creates more light diffusion, which increases the degree of privacy.

Textured glass is subtle, yet effective at evoking interest and atmosphere while creating bright, private spaces. Textured glass is durable, fingerprint, and scratch-resistant and often used for partitions and doors, along with a range of other decorative applications.

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Product Color Options

Thin Reed Low Iron

Features & Benefits

Suitable for interior and exterior applications 

Can be combined with other products

Available in laminated and monolithic forms

Glass in Action

With every material comes a range of beautifully innovative applications. Use textured glass to inspire your next project. Often used in boardrooms, office doors, partitions, elevators, and can also be backpainted and placed into MOSAIC or NOVA wall cladding systems.

Textured Elevator Glass v2
Textured glass combined with reflective glass in an elevator offers interest, easy maintenance, and elegance to what is typically a small space.
Textured Glass 2
Adding a solid color on the back allows for a dramatic or subtle backdrop to an interesting leading visual element.
Textured Glass websize

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