Glass Uses

Glass Stairs 
- & Flooring

  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Clean

Step up your stair game with dramatic effects.


Glass is an excellent choice for many high-traffic, high-safety applications. Stairs are no exception! When executed correctly, they can be both stunning and functional with sleek design and beautiful sightlines, while still providing privacy from below. What's more; they're as durable and easy to clean as they are dramatic.

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Glass in Action

With every material comes a range of beautifully innovative applications. Discover how this glass is used to inspire your next project.

Glass Flooring Stais Aspen
Floating staircase illuminated with LED lighting at a residence in Aspen, Colorado.
Glass Flooring Flames Central
Glass overlay flooring showcasing a photo of the Calgary Flames NHL team. Traction Control Frit ensures the safety of patrons, without altering the image.
Glass Flooring T Mobil
Easy to clean and highly durable, using glass for stairs and flooring is an excellent design solution with a stunning finished look.

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