Glass Uses

Vision Glass

  • Exterior
  • Durable
  • Can achieve a variety of design goals

Made to enhance, embellish, and insulate.


Vision glass is predominantly insulating glass, used on the outside of a building. Often supplied with one or more laminated lites, vision glass offers a wide range of design options and functional benefits. Bird-friendly patterns or graphic images can be printed onto the glass interlayers, which is then sandwiched between the glass panes to achieve the desired form and function. Preserve the true colors of the natural world outside with a low iron glass, or select other materials and finishes to enhance or filter the light.


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Design Options

Glass in Action

Whether your priority is to see out through the glass, to incorporate a design to make the glass bird-friendly, or to be part of the community, the options are limitless.

Vision Glass Gym
Graphics on glass can allow you to look out, while sharing a message on the inside.
Vision Glass Moraine Valley College
Incorporating graphics onto glass can transform a building making it eye catching and part of the community landscape.
Vision Glass Tyson Blvd
Color interlayers allow light to move through while adding a splash of color.

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