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Located on the Columbia University Campus, the Barnard College Diana Center is the recipient of awards from a national design competition, the National AIA, and Progressive Architecture. Designed by New York Architects - Weiss/Manfredi, the seven-story multi-use arts center features a stunning architectural decorative glass facade which functions as both a standout design element and an energy-efficient exterior. When designing the building, Weiss/Manfredi aimed to remove visual boundaries, unifying the architecture and landscape and creating a space filled with natural light.

The 1100 decorative glass panels installed in the building’s curtain wall system were arranged in a complex pattern using only three types of panels. The pattern was designed with graded opacity to enhance daylighting and reduce visual barriers. The result is a luminous decorative glass façade that blends the colors of traditional neighbouring buildings with a modern twist, changing colors throughout the day due to how the light and its angle play with the etching, shifting from dull copper brown to copper red.

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