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Calgary, Alberta


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Representing a mother bird, protecting all who gather below, the Crane in one of Calgary’s newest shopping districts – Township – references the wind, sun, foothills and the prairies. It honors the elements that make Calgary and the surrounding communities majestic and magical. Look closely and you’ll see the lights dancing as the Alberta wind blows and shifts, providing a spectrum of dazzling colors that represent the region’s brilliant landscape.

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Majestic and a fun community installation

Crane Township Calgary Dichroic RonEliovitz 8

The dichroic glass dances in the light giving the illusion of wing movement

Located in Calgary’s deep south, Township is the city’s newest shopping destination, with a unique mix of retail, services, entertainment, office, residential and hotel space, and activities for the whole family. A destination as unique as Township needs a unique gathering place at its center, and Windward Light, or the “Crane,” draws shoppers in to admire and explore the beauty and intricacies of the piece. Standing out as cities expand is increasingly difficult, and it is more important than ever to create experiences and communities that are bold and creative. Using glass on a large scale to create a true piece of art allows Township to stand out from the crowd while creating a memorable experience for its visitors.

Glass In Action

Windward Light is all about color and movement. The designer’s vision was to incorporate color to depict the drama of the ups and downs of Alberta life while using light diffusion and reflection to create the desired mood. Used as a laminate or a monolithic structure, Goldray’s Dichroic glass was the perfect option for this piece, which has a wingspan wider than a small passenger aircraft.

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Reflective, transparent and striking. Dichroic glass makes a statement.


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Lights have been incorporated to make this a fun nighttime village center piece.

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