Rutgers University Performance Centre

Bring brand colors onto the walls

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Project Details

Piscataway, NJ


Glass Railings,Glass Wall Cladding


Service / Recreational

Type of Glass

Partial Privacy,Solid Color

The Story

The vision of a space is brought to life by incorporating a number of building materials. In a high traffic facility, and one that will no doubt have a lot of physical high-energy activity, glass brings durability, an ease to maintenance and a contemporary look. 

This facility is more than a sports complex. It is a hub of the offices for athletic department administration and coaches. It also home to the clinical exam facilities where dedicated trainers, sports medicine physicians, and a variety of other specialists provide support to student-athletes.

A stunning project that will serve the community for many years to come. 

Our Team




EPIC / Installer: All Action Architectural Metal & Glass

Sales Rep

Goldray Glass

Rutgers 1 10 4MP

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