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Textured Glass 2

Cap U (Capilano University) designed by Dialog and installed by Team Glass in Vancouver. The glass type is a combination of reflectives, textured glass and MOSAIC

Form & Function — Form & Function — Form & Function


Form and function; better, faster, more efficient. Shorter timelines, tighter budgets, quality, consistency, paired with beautiful simplicity.

Both MOSAIC and NOVA are prefabricated modular systems designed to take the weight of glass. Both come straight out of the crate ready to assemble. But there are a few differences:

MOSAIC has a thin sleek profile. It has some play, or 'give' while it hangs against the substrate. It is the 'James Bond' of our systems. Tough, debonaire, and always wins hearts. 

NOVA is rigid, tough, built to last. Adhered to a honeycomb back, it is solid, but light-weight. This is our "Macgyver", still handsome to a fault while saving the day.  


GoldRay 290RestroomFINAL Zanetti mp4


Improved quality

Improved installation consistency

Improved productivity

Increased schedule certainty

Improved safety performance

Improved cost predictability

Increased client satisfaction

Reduced waste generated by construction

Our Systems

MOSAIC and NOVA is a superior solution for interior wall cladding. QuickFrost is a precertified electrified system perfect for doors and partitions.

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