Posted: 7 years ago

DIRTT Connext 2016: Using Imagination to Power Innovation

As a leading manufacturer of customized interior solutions, DIRTT Environmental Solutions is focused on creating a positive shift in the construction industry. A key aspect of DIRTT’s business model that allows them to remain at the forefront of interior construction is continuous innovation. By combining ICE®, their proprietary design/manufacturing software, with fully integrated in-house manufacturing and an extensive international distribution network, DIRTT is able to offer customized designs, lead times that are markedly shorter than conventional construction, minimal waste, and functional performance suited to every type of environment.

Over the last decade DIRTT has held an annual marketing event in Chicago, which organically evolved and grew, and in 2015 was rebranded as DIRTT Connext. The 2nd annual DIRTT Connext event was held in June of 2016, running concurrently with NeoCon, a well-known design industry tradeshow. The Connext event is a great way for DIRTT to connect with existing and potential clients and the industry as a whole, and to demonstrate what is possible to achieve using DIRTT solutions.

As part of the 2016 event, DIRTT’s Green Learning Center showcased new applications for its solutions, under the theme “Where your imagination runs everything”. Not only did this theme set the tone for the DIRTT Connext event, but it also emphasized the key point of customizability that is central to DIRTT’s business model. Ken Wilson, DIRTT’s Head of Marketing and Communications, adds “We don’t sell products…whatever people envisage for their space can be accomplished with DIRTT’s innovative solutions”.

The main audiences for the event are facility owners, the architect and design community and interior construction personnel. Prior to the three-day public event, DIRTT also hosts all of their Distribution Partners in Chicago for several days of training and networking, getting their imaginations fired up by the new designs and enhancements to current solutions.

We asked DIRTT’s Ken Wilson to elaborate on what he hopes attendees take away from this event, in addition to the fun and entertainment of DIRTT Connext’s engaging, exciting and party-like atmosphere. His response was “We want our customers to know that DIRTT and prefabricated interior construction is the future of interior construction. That our technology is a game-changer for the outdated and archaic construction industry, that DIRTT is leading the way, and that construction can be environmentally sustainable with DIRTT!”

Goldray Glass is so proud of the success of DIRTT Connext, and we have no doubt that it will continue to grow in years to come. DIRTT is already planning next year’s event, where they will showcase their innovation and technology while continuing to push the envelope and disrupt the interior construction industry.



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