Posted: 10 years ago

Exterior Translucent Multi Colored Glass Mural at Moraine Valley Community College

The design of the glass installation at Moraine Valley Community College called for a multi-colored mural showcasing the athletics department of the college.  The challenge with this building was that the architect wanted a design that could be viewed from the exterior, but that would not obscure a person’s vision when looking outside from the interior of the building.

Because of the multiple colors and images required, a silkscreened insulated glass was not an option.  For this building the architect chose to use the direct-to-glass digital printing process to achieve the appearance and effects that they wanted.  The Dip-Tech digital printing machine was used to create the image and the glass was then insulated with a Solarban60 interior lite for additional solar control.

The design of the mural incorporated a very specific pattern of holes that allowed clear vision from the inside of the building.  The bonus for the people using the facilities is being able to watch the sun come up over the swimmer each morning.

Thanks to our project team for another great accomplishment: Architect:  Demonica Kemper Architects  /  General Contractor:  Power Construction  /  Glazing Contractor:  Precision Wall Systems, Inc. / Fabricator:  Goldray Industries Ltd.




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