Posted: 7 years ago

Glass Samples as a Source of Inspiration

Architectural decorative glass is not only a functional component of an architect’s design, it is also a way to express their artistic side. Each piece is designed with intent, both structurally and for its visual appeal.

We’d like to thank the Glass Association of North America (GANA) for selecting three of our glass samples to display at NeoCon 2015. The trio have their own unique qualities and color schemes, which highlight the processes and applications applied to each. The different facets of our stunning red sample are amplified when backlit, so we created a light panel specifically for display purposes.

The saying ‘seeing is believing’ has been proven time and time again, especially when it comes to decorative glass. Goldray has an incredible team who produce samples for architects and designers every day. This is where ideas become reality, creating depth and contrast through each application, matching (or exceeding) the expectations outlined by the original concept.

Goldray Industries prides themselves on quality and innovation, these two factors have a profound influence on the products we sell. Samples are one way for us to really show architects and designers the beauty and complexity of glass that simply cannot be conveyed as accurately through photographs.




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