Posted: 8 years ago

Our Strength is in our Partnerships

At Goldray Glass, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have been able to establish and maintain during our many years of operation. Our foundation is built on the strong relationships we hold, not only with our customers, but with our suppliers as well. These have afforded us many benefits over the years and has helped Goldray to maintain a high level of operations and exceed customer expectations.

As the building blocks of the decorative glass industry; products like Etched and Mirrored glass are critical components to our final designs. Goldray and Walker Glass have been working together for decades, and during that time have cultivated a strong professional connection. One of our most stunning projects - Cannon Design’s Chicago office elevator lobby - is a laminated product that uses a combination of Walker’s mirrored and velour etched glass, both important components in achieving the finished look. Goldray and Walker are well suited partners, as both company’s pride themselves on offering superior quality products, and an extensive range of options to meet their client’s needs.

Oftentimes, a partnership can be enhanced by a specific job or sample request, such as the relationship between 3M and Goldray. As our main supplier of adhesives, specialty films and other architectural products for over 20 years, Goldray turned to 3M when approached about a new and challenging project - the Museum at Prairiefire. The architect wanted the facade to look like it was on fire, and more precisely they wanted the exterior to be glass. This is where 3M’s Dichroic Film proved to be a perfect solution, as it reflects and refracts different colors as the light angle shifts, and it can be laminated between two lites of glass. Goldray’s Executive Vice President Michael Saroka praised the partnership by saying, “We pride ourselves on our innovation, and embrace the opportunity to work with a company that shares that mentality. 3M has always shown a willingness to work with us to push the envelope to bring ideas to life.”

When initiating a new business relationship, or choosing to continue on with an existing one, reliability is an important deciding factor. This factor is true of Goldray’s longstanding relationship with PPG Industries. Whether it be the timely notification of any potential stock shortages, or ensuring lead times are short and manageable, PPG has proven to be a strong partner that is dependable time and again. Goldray’s Product Designer Barbara Rumberger, who has a history of working with all types of glass, says “PPG’s Starphire is a high quality low-iron product that we use in large quantities for both project pieces and samples. When it comes to color matching, the clarity of this product is second to none”. We look forward to many more years of successful dealings with our colleagues at PPG.

Whether it’s working closely together to expedite orders, shorten lead times, develop innovative products, or get exclusive updates on new product releases, the rapport we maintain with our partners has proved to be invaluable for Goldray. We look forward to continued success with our current partners, and to establishing many new business relationships in years to come.



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