Posted: 7 years ago

Spotlight On Our People: Prince

Our team here at Goldray is comprised of many talented individuals, all of whom strive to provide superior products and services. One such team member is Prince Ruchogeza, our Plant Engineer.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Prince moved to Calgary, AB, Canada with his family in 2005, after a brief stint in Boston, MA, USA. After receiving is diploma from Father Lacombe Senior High School, Prince went on to acquire an Engineering degree in Geophysics from the University of Alberta.

Prince has been a part of the Goldray family since the age of 18, and throughout the years has learned everything there is to know about the glass manufacturing process. Even during his University years Prince worked part-time at Goldray, applying his education to real life situations. Everybody’s go-to guy, Prince can often be found problem-solving with his coworkers, or elbows deep fixing one of the many machines in the factory.

Goldray’s production levels hit a peak recently that necessitated a second factory location. Prince is diligently working with his colleagues in both locations to manage the installation of the new equipment, as well as training the staff on proper use and maintenance.

In order to outfit this new space with the latest and greatest technology, Prince has traveled across Canada and the US researching Edgers, C & C machines, Tempering Ovens and Cutting Lines. He even took a special trip to Charlotte, NC to learn about recent developments in color matching.

While we value Prince for his intelligence and experience, his most endearing quality is his smile and cheerful personality. It's obvious he lives life to the fullest every day and loves to share his enthusiasm and kind words with everyone around him.

If you’re interested in seeing highlights and photos of our projects, people and factory, we welcome you to join us on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram via @PrinceRucho, @goldrayglass or @Goldray_Roxie!



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