Ellis Don Head Office

Multipurpose rooms at the flick of a switch

Goldray Glass EllisDon PRINT 02622 min4PM
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Solid Privacy
Goldray Glass EllisDon PRINT 02622 min4PM
Goldray Glass EllisDon PRINT 02500 4MP
Project Details

Calgary, AB


Glass Marker Boards,Glass Partitions and Doors



Type of Glass

Switchable,Solid Color

The Story

Nyhoff Architecture was selected to re-imagine Ellis Don’s world-leading construction and building services workplace in Calgary.

They worked closely with the Ellis Don team to create a new and dynamic environment that strengthened and enhanced their critical work flow and team structure. Goldray Glass worked with RGO to provide the switchable glass used in the door partitions and with Bennett Glass to incorporate the glass Marker Boards into the various office and meeting rooms. 

The Ellis Don building is stunning and is not short on square footage. However; if you’re tight for space and don’t have room for a projection screen, switchable glass—in its opaque state—can be used as a high-definition, rear projecting surface, and also has touch screen capability.  

You don’t need to worry about blocking out the light we all covet in our office spaces. When the glass is switched off, it still allows between 70-80% of visible light into a space. This also helps reduce light glare within a space without reducing it to total darkness.


Our Team


Nyhoff Architecture


RGO & Bennett Glass

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Goldray Glass

Solid Privacy

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