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‘Football Heaven’ salutes America’s favorite pastime

Celebrating players, donors and supporters in a unique way

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For more than 30 years, the city of Canton, OH wanted to provide a central public space for citizens and visitors that would be iconic and transformative for the downtown core and surrounding areas. While new development projects, business ventures and regional attractions – including the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Village – were taking place, there was no investment being made in a central public space…until Canton Centennial Plaza. The Plaza plays an important role in creating a vibrant downtown and the ability to generate day-to-day activities and host major events. It acts as the “city square” for the community and a must-see landmark for visitors to Canton.

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Backlit podiums allows for player's names to pop and be easily read.

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The glass pylons list all 25,488 names of each player to ever play in the history of the NFL in its first century,

While Canton, OH may not be on the bucket list of many travelers, it is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, AKA “Football Heaven,” making Canton an essential stop on any road trip. A combination museum and attraction, the Hall of Fame pays tribute to the legends of the sport. Boasting the most comprehensive collection of the stories and circumstances of the game, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has welcomed more than 10 million fans since opening its doors in 1963. The Hall underwent a major expansion and renovation project between 2011 and 2013, completed in time for the Hall’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2013. Taking these renovations into account, the designers of Centennial Plaza incorporated several inspirations into the design of the new space, including recognition pylons of pro football athletes throughout the history of the sport as well as donors to the Centennial Plaza project.

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Eleven steel and glass pylons ranging from six to eight feet high boast the names of every NFL player who ever played one down in a game. Visitors to Centennial Plaza can use their mobile devices to access digital information about the more than 25,000 NFL players listed on the pylons. At night, the pylons are lit so visitors can continue to explore the history of America’s favorite pastime no matter when they visit Centennial Plaza.

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The NFL has reached a milestone, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame intends to celebrate in style.




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Names etched in glass to stand the test of time.

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