Chicago O'Hare Airport Glass Partitions

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OHare Entry Lower Wall Mezzanine Photo 4
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OHare Entry Lower Wall Mezzanine Photo 4
Project Details

Chicago, IL


Glass Partitions and Doors,Glass Railings



Type of Glass

Partial Privacy,Printed

The Story

The Chicago O'Hare Airport International Terminal was commissioned by The Westfield Group and designed by Epstein Global, in conjunction with the conceptual designers at Thirst Design Communication. John Kolb - Epstein Global's associate Vice President and Lead Architect on this project describes the design intent, "Chicago Airport Terminal 5 was designed 21 years ago by Perkins+Will. It's modern, clean design is recognized and appreciated. We did not want this to feel like a renovation that didn't consider the existing architecture. Instead we wanted to adhere to it, but make it better".

Our Team


Epstein Global


VEI Supply

Sales Rep

Craig MacGregor - MacGregor Architectural Products

OHareI smaller v2

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