Posted: 7 years ago

Color Trends to Watch in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, a new color palette is on the way in and we're excited to see where it takes us! As we work closely with those in the design and architecture industries, we can't wait to see the projects that these trends inspire.

Iridescent Colors:

In the new year, we'll welcome vibrant and iridescent hues that brighten up our spaces and bring a certain shine to them. Colors like bright turquoise, pink and purples that can be seen in iridescent objects will be contrasted with brilliant whites and frosted almond. We’ll see iridescent glass used to create eye-catching pieces, either in an accent coffee table or a focal art piece. These intense colors can be seen in Goldray’s Dichroic glass, which changes color when the light hits at different angles. Available in two different hues, warm or cool, our Dichroic glass has been used in some stunning art installations and buildings.

The New Neutrals:

While the classic metallics are always in style, we will see the spotlight shift from the traditional gold, silver and bronze to more neutral colors. Pastel blues, yellows and muted reds will take over the minimalist colors like grey and white. These colors offer a softer environment that reflect the current lifestyle that is focused on mindful living. We won’t see gold disappear completely though; the traditional metallics will be used to complement those subtle colors.

Pink is Powerful:

We shouldn’t be surprised that pink has risen in the ranks. With the rising generations moving away from color stereotyping, pink has become popular amongst all genders. In 2016 the color of the year was Rose Quartz which gently morphed into the Millennial Pink that we’ve come to know and love. Still, two years later pink has grown bold and we will see that reflected in 2018 trends with colors. The spectrum of pinks we will see will have more depth to create a palette that is warm and mood enhancing.

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