Posted: 7 years ago

Custom Decorative Glass with a Personal Touch

Animals have a special way of connecting with us and, if you love dogs, you know that they truly are “man’s best friend”. To say that David Wilson, Ingrid Kuenzel and their family loved their dog Alessi is an understatement. When David and Ingrid first brought their beagle puppy home, their family was thrilled. Alessi, nicknamed “The Wonder Beagle”, quickly made her way into their hearts and became more than just the family pet, she became a member of the family. When the family planned to move into their forever home, they incorporated Alessi into the decision, purchasing a house close to the neighborhood dog park and naming their new house “Alessi’s House”. Unfortunately, while the house was under renovations, Alessi passed away and never got to move into “her” house.

To honor Alessi’s memory, David and Ingrid decided to design a custom door that would be installed in their new house as a lasting tribute to Alessi. As a long-time Goldray Glass customer, with his company Envy Eco, David reached out to the Goldray team to bring their design idea to life using decorative glass. Ingrid is a skilled photographer and used her expertise in composite photography techniques to develop the design. Once the design was finalized, Goldray used our Technographic Interlayer process to print the image directly onto a film before laminating it between two layers of glass. Technographic Interlayer was ideal for this project, as it produced a high-resolution image, while also allowing natural light to flow through the glass. The result is stunning, as the natural light highlights the image and adds dimension to the design.

David and Ingrid love the completed decorative glass door and have received many compliments from passing neighbors. The couple says that the final product exceeded their expectations and has a great meaning for the entire family, acting as a beautiful daily reminder of their beloved family member, Alessi.



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