Posted: 7 years ago

Fall Design Trends 2017

With fall's arrival, we're exploring the season’s latest trends! We’re passionate about making spaces beautiful and it’s important for us to stay on top of what's trending in color, décor, and interior design. As temperatures cool off, we’re sharing our list of top design trends for Fall 2017.

  1. Jewel Tones:

This fall, we’re saying goodbye to the pastel pinks, blues, and greens of summer and hello to deep, colorful jewel tones. Inspired by raw-cut gems like amethyst and jade as well as the night sky and the cosmos, this season’s popular jewel tones are midnight blue, emerald green, and rich plum purple. Whether they are used as a wall color, on furniture, or as a décor accent piece, these tones have incredible design range and add drama and elegance to any space. Goldray Glass was inspired by this trend when developing Brilliants, our newest line of laminated decorative glass. Available in nine shades, including deep blue, green and purple jewel tones, this collection includes a color to compliment any design. With the option to further customize the look and privacy level by altering the glass type used, the Brilliants collection is versatile and adds vibrancy to hospitality, retail, or corporate environments.

  1. Crushing on: Velvet

In the colder months, it’s no surprise that we want to create spaces that are cozy and inviting! That’s where this trend comes in, as 2017 incorporates a 70’s vibe with plush velvet fabrics. Coinciding with the jewel tone trend, many velvet fabrics are featured in deep saturated colors like emerald and navy blue. Velvet sofas, armchairs, and pillows are everywhere and with options that are as stunning as they are soft, we know we’ll be curling up with velvet all season long.

  1. More than Mirror:

Mirror is back, but it has undergone a modern makeover. Standard, plain mirrored panels are being traded in for decorative antique mirror and patterned mirror options. Often used in elevator cabs, elevator lobbies, and high-end hotels, these panels add a hint of Hollywood Glamour, while brightening the space through light reflection. Floor to ceiling decorative mirror applications are becoming noticeably more popular, as it creates the illusion of increased depth and size within the environment. Our Goldray Glass Titanium collection is the perfect compliment to this trend, as it is both decorative and highly reflective. With the option to choose from our standard patterns, or create your own, Titanium is flexible and will compliment and enhance any design. Also, unlike traditional mirrored panels, Titanium glass can be tempered for added safety and durability, ensuring your installation is on-trend this season, and for years to come.

That’s it for our trend watch…for now! What’s your favorite fall trend? We’d love to know! To keep up with these and other emerging industry news, subscribe to our email newsletter, or join us on Instagram,  FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter where we regularly post project pictures and case studies as we build our community of industry professionals.



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