Posted: 5 years ago

Mosaic Wall System: Revolutionizing Glass Installation

Over the years, the demand for sustainable building materials has grown exponentially. It is expected that by 2025, the global construction waste will have almost doubled, putting pressure on contractors and architects to specify reusable, cost-effective materials that will divert waste from landfills in the future. This is the inspiration behind Mosaic, Goldray’s fully framed wall cladding system for decorative glass. Its pre-glazed design eliminates all on-site construction waste and greatly reduces installation time, allowing you to focus on what’s most important – creating a building that not only stands out, but that is sustainable.

Traditional Glazing Method

Traditional wall cladding can be problematic and highly time-consuming. The labor-intensive process of gluing, shimming and bracing the glass is tedious due to the extreme precision required, but also does not leave room for error or future design changes. If a piece of installed glass breaks or a design needs to be altered, the glass must be chiselled off the wall, then the wall repaired before starting the process again– an expensive and laborious inconvenience for everyone, not to mention the amount of waste that is thrown into the landfill.

Why Mosaic?

Imagine being able to bypass the inconveniences of traditional glazing and install wall cladding as easy as hanging a picture. Mosaic is a fully-engineered, pre-fabricated and cost-effective wall cladding system designed for the needs of architects, designers and contractors alike. Unlike other glazing systems, Mosaic is manufactured to your design specifications with all the work completed in-house before shipping directly to site, ready to be installed out of the crate. Because this wall system is tailored to each unique space, contractors no longer need to make up for the imperfections of the drywall, shortening their lead-times drastically.

Mosaic is created in our factory, which means there is no fabrication on-site eliminating all metal cut-offs and waste when installing the system. Simply install the pre-measured rails on the drywall and slide in the panels – it’s that simple. As the panels are easily removable, making it easy to replace broken glass or have electrical access behind the wall. Mosaic’s pre-fabricated nature means that the system is designed to move with you – making it a zero-waste, sustainable wall cladding system.

Functionality meets Beauty

With the ability to select both your glass makeup and desired frame finish at the same time, and with options to add backlit panels, magnetic backing and customizable images, the design opportunities are endless with Mosaic. Whatever the inspiration, Mosaic can help translate vision into reality. From elevators and offices to stadiums and commercial lobbies ­­– the Mosaic Wall System can be used to elevate any space.

Durable, sustainable, and cost-effective, Mosaic is transforming the glazing industry and the way it views wall cladding. If you’re looking to reduce construction waste, cut project costs and shorten lead times while creating breathtaking spaces that are sure to impress, Mosaic is the solution for you. Contact one of our Mosaic experts to begin your revolutionary glazing experience today.



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