Posted: 4 years ago

One Vision, One Direction: It’s Grow Time

‘It’s Grow Time’ is the Calgary Chamber’s latest initiative aimed at inspiring growth in the YYC business community.

Running a business can be incredibly rewarding and extremely challenging. Now, thanks to the Calgary Chamber, entrepreneurs don’t have to face their challenges alone. The Chamber has created an inspiring and unbiased community where business leaders can seek trusted advice, support and celebrate each others’ success. Their dedication to making Calgary the best place to live, work and run a business, has enabled the Chamber to empower many leaders and businesses, including Goldray Glass. The power and impact of their latest initiative will certainly be felt by the Calgary business community and beyond, as businesses of all sizes from all sectors are banding together with a singular voice and singular focus – It’s Grow Time.

It’s Grow Time

When President and CEO Sandip Lalli joined the Calgary Chamber back in May 2018, she was passionate about getting involved in the business community and hearing what issues Calgary businesses were faced with. It’s Grow Time is the result of hundreds of conversations with business owners and leaders across various companies and sectors. The biggest takeaways from all the conversations were consistent across the board – we’re stuck, and our voices aren’t being heard.

Aimed at inspiring and challenging the business community to look to the future and grow under one vision and direction, It’s Grow Time is a call to all Calgary businesses, whether new or established, to leverage this time of change and come together to strengthen Calgary’s collective business voice. At the core of this campaign is the drive to show business leaders that it is up to them to move the city forward, to innovate and to diversify – and the time is now. At Goldray Glass, we have always believed that we are stronger together, and we look forward to future possibilities as we elevate each other and move our city forward.

Take Action

With both the Provincial and Federal elections coming up in 2019, the city and economy are at a pivotal point and this initiative could not have come at a better time. Together with the Chamber, businesses will be advocating to bring current issues to light, including that of strategic growth. Beyond rallying together for advocacy supported by the It’s Grow Time initiative, the Chamber has many other programs that foster collaboration and provide a support network that enables leaders to take their businesses to the next level. For instance, the latest speaker series INSPIRE has highlighted successful companies such as Critical Mass, Benevity and Sunterra – demonstrating how innovative thinking can contribute to the overall diversity of the Calgary business community.

Nourish. Power. Inspire.

By nourishing local businesses, the Chamber works to create the foundation for them to thrive. And when businesses thrive, they power the city to greater heights. The It’s Grow Time initiative will help build the spirit that inspires greater success. And, when businesses are empowered to be successful, they will nourish, empower and inspire the world.



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