Posted: 9 years ago

What Is Technographic Interlayer Laminated Glass?

What is technographic Interlayer? We get this question fairly often because many people aren't aware that glass can be completely transformed using this technique. Technographic Interlayer is actually a super high resolution printed polyester interlayer that's laminated between two or more pieces of glass.

The application is perfect for use as feature walls and public art. Due to it's limitless possibilities where design is concerned, it's often used at Children's Hospitals and buildings where way finding or high impact design is desired. One of the reasons that technographic interlayers are so popular is that they're easily mimicked as other building materials such as granite, stone and marble but they're significantly lighter in weight and much more cost effective. Many people use this technique to create counter tops that look like marble, or river rock that looks as real as can be.

Additional Applications

Technographic interlayer is frequently used in architectural canopies, ceiling tiles, counter tops, elevator interiors, glass marker boards, interior partitions, signage, stair treads, flooring panels, store fronts and wall cladding. The graphic design or artwork can be as simple as standard text, or a business logo or it can be an elaborate high resolution photo realistic image.

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