Posted: 10 years ago

Custom Glass Elevator Lobby & Non Glare Projection Wall at Cannon Design

When Cannon Design approached Sales Rep Craig MacGregor with the vision of their elevator lobby, they weren't sure exactly how it could be done but they knew they wanted something totally unique.  To make the process slightly more challenging, Cannon's team was comprised of several designers who all had very creative ideas which the team wanted to incorporate into the design.

When it comes to custom design, it's just as important to listen to what the design team doesn't want as it is to listen to what they do want.  One thing they didn't want was something typical. The ideas of the team eventually culminated into a multitude of processes that started with a custom color interlayer laminated between two panels of glass.  The inboard lite had a reflective coating causing a reflection of the colored interlayer which was then diffused by introducing a custom acid etch design done with ceramic frit on the front of the glass.

For the projection glass, seen in both the upper right and the bottom photo, the team decided that they wanted it to feel somewhat cloud like.  To achieve that look, we manufactured the bottom portion of the wall out of clear glass so that it was completely transparent at the floor, transitioning to a less dense opacity and finally to fully opaque at the top. By creating a projectionable surface on one side and a writing surface on the other, this two-sided glass wall is successful in both form and function, fulfilling the goal of every member of the design team.

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